Renovations to be Aware of If You are Buying an Older Home


Did you just fall in love with a legendary villa in North shore or anywhere in Auckland? Before jumping in and spending a fortune on it, it is better that you find an expert who does house inspections in North Shore. We recommend AB Property Inspections which is a highly trusted property inspector in Auckland. Here are certain factors which no one except a professional inspector would tell you:

The top two must-do renovations

When you buy a new home for yourself, always add the cost that will require re-roofing and windowpane replacement. Any roof that is more than ten years old is a hazard. Sooner or later, they will begin to crumble and leak.

If left unattended, it could lead to more costly repairs. Understand that old windows, as majestic they look, are also very poor insulators. They simply don’t function well during cold winters and hot summers. If you find a home where the owner just replaced the windows and roofing, you just hit the jackpot!

Old house equals prehistoric technology

In terms of technology, one year is equal to a century. So when you buy an old house, the technology that comes with it will be prehistoric. Basically such a house will have ancient systems of wiring, plumbing, windows and heating. So any time you want to make some repairs, the costs are going to be super high. Refitting costs are going to hit the roof. When buying an old home it is always better to hire professionals who can gauge the amount that will have to be spent to update the technology.

Remodeling costs

The sense of requirements today are a lot different from what it was a decade ago and not even comparable to what it was a century ago. Thus old houses with all their charm, might have utility issues because the generation who built such houses had other ideas in mind. For example, most old houses have very small bathrooms and closets.

These days, people are used to much bigger ones thanks to the tons of clothes and other accessories they pile up. The only way to solve such problems is by remodeling the internal structure. This is something which people over look when they buy an old house. They just fall in love at first sight and then end up facing a divorce situation.

Outdated doorways + Latest Television = Expensive Trouble

When older homes were built, a lot of modern appliances were not even invented. This is something you might realize only when the movers attempt to squeeze your washing machine through the front door. The doorways of most old homes are narrow compared to modern ones. They simply weren’t supposed to accommodate a 65 inch television set. Costs to rebuild such doorways should also be accounted for.

Renovation is a must when it comes to old house and these are just a few of the long list of issues that you might face while buying one. Always consult a professional building inspector as big money is involved. We found out that the best house inspections in Auckland is conducted by AB Property Inspections.

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